Stella Vinitchi Radulescu
Translated from the French by Luke Hankins
    alone under the shifting vault
    from Journal with Closed Eyes
    what life on earth is about
Translated from the Ngarluma by Shon Arieh-Lerer
    Pigeon Hand
    How To Work Magic on Urine
Rainer Maria Rilke
Translated from the German by Burton Pike
    Blue Hydrangea
    from Sonnets to Orpheus, 1.2
    from Sonnets to Orpheus, 2.29
Carmen Boullosa
Translated from the Spanish by Catherine Hammond
    [And the Word never did become flesh...]
    [I know I am lying in the damp...]
    Dark Water
    The Thread Forgets
    the garden
    Eve Two
    Eve One
Maria d'Arezzo
Translated from the Italian by Olivia Sears
    Certain Domestic Evenings
Perrin Langda
Translated from the French by Pauline Levy Valensi
    The essence of the world
    Celestial supplication of the mollusk
    La vie en rose
    Earth is blue like a rotten lemon
    Cultivate one's garden
    Breakfast on the milky way
Maria Patakia
Translated from the Greek by Karen Van Dyck
    The Postman Died
Robert Desnos
Translated from the French by Jules Lefèvre
    The anemone who reigned over the sea
    The delicate cactus